Friday, October 01, 2010

Free on Amazon Today

Some games and the first book in the wonderful Diana Gabaldon series... If you like epic romance and adventure... Outlander will take you there! I have read all of her books and look forward to each new one. Enjoy!

Outlander: with Bonus Content ~ Diana Gabaldon
Love Me ~ Kelly Jamieson
Living Above Worry and Stress (Women of Faith Study Guide Series) ~ Thelma Wells
Life Lessons Study Guide: Acts ~ Max Lucado
Luke ~ John MacArthur
Listening to God ~ Charles F. Stanley

Word Morph Volume 1: transform the starting word one letter at a time until you spell the ending word (Word Puzzles Optimized for Kindle) (Mobi Games) ~ Leonid Braginsky
Sudoku Volume 1: Interactive Sudoku Puzzles for Kindle 2 and Kindle DX (Mobi Games) ~ MobileReference