Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!

To All... And to ALL a Good Night!

Mrs. Wizard


Don't forget... I've been writing about Windows for years and there is a ton of information, as well as special 1 page tutorials on just about anything you can think of relating to your computer and Windows at It is organized and indexed by month and year.

Have fun!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

AVG's latest FREEBIE

I have been a serious fan of AVG Antivirus for a few years now, and recommend the free version to anyone who is willing to listen. We have the full version of AVG on our main computer, but I keep the freebie on the laptop and it is more than satisfactory. I noticed while updating to the newest FREE version of AVG Antivirus, they have a FREE spyware offering. I kind of filed the info away a few weeks ago, but decided to download and install it tonight. If it is half as good as the antivirus, you will certainly hear from me! I don't like to recommend anything I don't actually use myself.

It installed great. Seems the installation file is actually a 30 day trial of the full version. Fine... It is scanning it's little fanny off now. At the end of 30 days it is supposed to revert to the free version and a few of the more automatic features will disappear. I have a feeling it will still be fine, but I'll let you know for sure!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Ultimate Test

Anyone who knows old Mrs. Wizard, knows she LOVES listening to audio books via any one of her MP3 players. Several months ago, she gave a cute little pink Zen Nano Plus to her daughter Kelly so she could listen to her favorite music while doing her daily exercise walks. Well, the day after Thanksgiving, the turkey caught up with her and she had a few panicky moments on the trail. When she got home, she peeled off her exercise gear and tossed it all into the washer, then headed for the shower. Later on she noticed a clumping sound in the washer... didn't think too much of it, and when the load was finished, tossed it into the dryer. It wasn't until she heard the same thumping in the dryer that it dawned on her. She had left her little Zen Nano in her pants pocket...

Here's the interesting part, dear readers. When she pulled that little Zen out of the dryer, she plugged in the headset and turned it on (not expecting anything). The darn thing played as though it was brand new!

Now I wouldn't recommend any of you tossing your little Zen Nanos into your washer, much less the dryer, but it is nice to know one more reason they are my favorites!

Monday, December 04, 2006

December issue of CompuQuickTips

Well, it is almost ready, the very last issue of CompuQuickTips. I hope to have it posted in the current newsletter issue of some time today. It has been a wonderful exercise in sharing what I have learned with you, my dear readers, but it is time to move on. There will be lots of updating and rearranging so you can find just what you need. I will be spending 2007 honing my web design skills, paying particular attention to Flash and graphic design.

Keep your browser tuned to this area for lots more QuickTips as I dive into Windows Vista. I'll make sure XP users won't get left behind.

Warmest Regards,
Mrs. Wizard