Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kindle Skills - The new 5-way Controller

A dear reader had a great question posted in a comment yesterday. ..
I have a K3, but I'm sorry, I don't understand which buttons you are talking about when you say "press the right or left little buttons". Do you mean that the "page backward" buttons on the left and right sides of the K3's chassis will step me through the e-book's chapters?

Might it be possible to post annotated pictures when talking about buttons, please?

I am so glad you asked this Marc... On the Kindle 2, there is a toggle button you actually press to the left, right, up or down to navigate. Then you can press in on the actual toggle button to make things happen, sort of like an Enter key on a keyboard.

On the Kindle 3, the toggle button has graduated to a real square shaped button in the middle of the up, down, left and right buttons, which are more like little slivers around the square button. It is the same 5 way controller, and in the same place, but the buttons have evolved a bit and are real buttons now.

I couldn't post an actual picture of the K3 keyboard in my return comment, but I can and will post it here.

And here is a snap of the Kindle 2 so you can compare:
The 5 way controller looks similar but, unlike the K3 keyboard with a real button in the center and 4 thin but surrounding buttons for up, down, left and right, the K2 5 way controller is more of a single toggle switch, with no surrounding buttons. You rock the switch up, down, left or right to navigate, and press in on the same switch to make the selection.

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