Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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Beyond Eden ~ Catherine Coulter
Reader Review:
I read this book many years ago and I was happy to read it again. Coulter has a way of getting you close to her characters. Lindsey was raised by a horrible father. Always treating her like an outcast and constantly putting her down and abusing her verbally. The biggest deception and hurt happened when she was 18 years old and raped and beaten by her sister's husband. Lindsey's father blamed Lindsey and claimed to the press that she was a slut and a Lolita. Finally several years later Lindsey discovers herself. She becomes Eden a famous model and meets the man of her dreams. And now someone is out to kill her. Is it her Father, who was disinherited by his mother and gave Lindsey/Eden all the fortune, is it her old professor from college who is a crazy, is it her sister, or her sister's husband, or is it someone else who wants her dead. Good surpise at the end. This book keeps you guessing.
And Another Reader Review:
I believe this book was one of Catherine's first attempts at Contemporary.
First of all I must state that I had taken a hiatus from reading Ms. Coulters work since 1994. I'd been meaning to read this book for some time since it has been in my TBR (to be read)pile for sometime and I had heard from many different sources that this was a worth while read. I recommend that if you read the reviews on here still take a chance and read the book, I read the reviews and thought to myself it was going to be awful, but was pleasently suprised. I did not give this one a high rating because the end [was diasappointing], the plausibility of the whole Family [thing stunk]and the relationship did progress incredibly quick for someone who had been sheltered from men since she was 18 years old and then suddenly after 2 weeks of knowing someone feels so comfortable with them, to accept a proposal?????

The end had so many ludicrous twist and turns it was like OH COME ON NOW!!!!! (NO SPOILERS HERE) but when you read the book you'll understand EXACTLY what I am referring to. It was a fast read and one that I didn't actually won't to put down because of the mystery that was going on but still I really just HATED the last 3 or so chapters. Didn't make any sense.
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