Friday, December 28, 2012

FREE on Amazon Today

And until December 31 even!
 Hi  Mrs. Wizard

My new book, WIPEOUT, which got an excellent review from Kirkus Reviews will be free at Amazon/Kindle until Dec. 31.  I would love your site to be the first to post it!

Thank you,

Raeder Lomax
Than YOU Raeder for sharing with us!

WIPEOUT Wallstreet meets Backstreet



"This invitingly gritty noir lines up the elements of a dark thrill ride: drug dealing, prison releases, infidelities, burglaries,​ double crosses and cool women selling hot sex...Burglaries are planned and executed, but with the shifting ​alliances and lack of honor among thieves, the criminals find it hard to hold on to their ill-gotten gains. The plot rockets​ through twists and turns at a thrilling pace, with a dizzying number of subplots...Lomax juggles these storylines with admirable skill."

About the Author

Columbia University, BA, MFA
Awards:  NY Foundation of the Arts Fellowship  for Playwriting (Ezekiel -- State of Emergency)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

FREE on Amazon Today

FREE until December 28th
Hi Mrs Wizard,
My new book, Featherlight, will be free until December 28th, and I was hoping to make it on your blog!

There are currently two reviews, both five stars, and it is in the top 100 for its genres.

Thank you for all the help you give to new authors,
Thank YOU Laura for sharing this book with me and my dear readers!

 December 19, 2012
The life of Jacque Winters has not been easy. After being abused by her father and shutting herself off socially, she was kidnapped by strangers. The good news is that her kidnappers are kind. The bad news? She is now forced to live in a society controlled by men, which is practically her worst nightmare.
Despite her promises to never fall in love, one man is proving those promises to be extremely difficult to keep. He chips away at her barriers with kindness, and soon he may have access into her heart. On her pursuit of happiness, Jacque realizes that in order to truly be satisfied with life, she'll have to come to terms with her past.
She needs to figure out whether her future is worth sacrificing in order to save the life she had left behind.

It was a good thing I never listened to evil temptations.
I held out my hand, and he took it. His grip was warm, strong, and forcibly relaxed. John’s touch didn't give my stomach butterflies or send electricity racing through my body. Instead, it ignited a flame of fear inside my heart.
Here was a man who was strong enough, fast enough, and smart enough to seriously harm me. He was able to rip my freedom out from under my feet, and he was even planning on it in the near future. At that moment, I realized that having beauty meant absolutely nothing if I didn't have freedom.
This scenario might have been romantic if observed from the safety of a book or a movie. Being here, actually being here, it was terrifying. A confession of that magnitude might have made a crazier woman excited and thrilled. Another woman’s heart might have gone all ‘aflutter’ with the thought of John being her boyfriend. Another woman would have blushed and batted her eyelashes and said some noteworthy double entendre.
It was a good thing I wasn't simply another woman.
I shook his hand, met his gaze, and said, “May the best one win.”

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Free on Amazon Today

And thru Christmas... thanks Bart, for giving me a head's up on this.

 April 26, 2012
Adam Fluke is a regular guy. He wants love, friendship, and happiness. However, his bumbling-but-good-natured tendencies have left him lacking direction in life. Content with his lack of motivation, he earns a meager living as a pizza delivery boy.

Everything changes one night, though, on a medium cheese pizza delivery to Sara DuBeau.

Sara is interesting, intellectual, fun, and successful: everything Adam believes he is not.

An unexpected, whirlwind relationship begins, and it's a match made in heaven.

Or is it?

Their storybook happiness is called into question by the discovery of a mysterious, buried-away photograph of a man with an uncanny resemblance to Adam.

Secrets are revealed, the search for answers begins, and Adam's very identity is suddenly the one thing that could tear them apart.

FREE on Amazon Today

Both of these are free from December 23 through the 27th... Enjoy, Dear Readers!

Rising of the Cursed
When half-vampire Charlie Sparks moves across the country with her recently divorced mother, her main goal is to blend in with the locals and finish out her high school years peacefully. Fitting in becomes the least of her worries when she meets a group of immortal creatures much like herself and teenage vampires at her school start going missing.

"Miss Huston impressed us with a well-written and clever twist on the young adult paranormal. Her prose is exacting from the P.O.V. of Charlie, her main character. The storyline flows well to her target market of readers. The unexpected compels and absorbs the reader while quickly moving through the pages involving this dark town of Hayward.

"Rising of the Cursed" surprises its audience with a unique perspective worthy of the read. You will find this journey leaves you wanting more in the first of the series."

Flash Acts
Intelligent, steamy hot fun with wild twists and turns that will awaken all of your emotions. Flash Acts is a great read for all to enjoy. 

These characters jump off the pages as if you know each one by name, or wish that you did. Hot-sexy-mind blowing-fun.

Sloane Addison and her friends are the one's that you wish you had. This story will keep you snatching at the pages. It is a smart suspense filled burner about their journey into the entertainment world that will keep you reading through all of the steam and paparazzi.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Wonderful Story

Just in time... Thanks so much Stephen!


I thought your members may enjoy this story about a boy, a goldfish, and Ronald Reagan. 

It’s not literature, but it is a kind of Christmas story.


Add to your reading experience

You might as well go all the way! These are so soft and warm (not to mention totally machine washable), I feel almost guilty in my "mom chair" tucked in with a great book on my Kindle!

Needless to say, hubby loves them (snarky remark alert)...

Snoozies Faux Fur Teddy Bear Collection Fleece Lined Footies

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Free on Amazon Today

Just in time for Christmas!

If you LOVE a good romance... These are for you!

 November 7, 2012
With a touch of Christmas magic, two hearts can fall in love…

A Christmas story for those who believe when love is involved, anything is possible. Mac O'Brien is wealthy and powerful--but since the death of his father--on Christmas day--the magic has gone out of his life. So he makes a wish for happiness, and Merry Nicholas, his new housekeeper, breezes into his world. Merry, with twinkling eyes, rosy cheeks, and snow-white hair, reminds Mac of Mrs. Claus, and when she pulls knitting needles from her candy cane-striped carpetbag, she weaves an enchanted spell around Mac, leading him to happiness, and to the woman he's destined to love.

Hope For Christmas

 December 5, 2012
Welcome to Noel, Montana, where it's Christmas 365 days a year!

The idea of a town that celebrates Christmas 365 days a year is lost on Hope Tavener......until she finds herself in the small town of Noel, Montana. Intending to spend only a day or two tying up the loose ends of her recently deceased grandmother's will, Hope has no idea what is in store for her. Eccentric townspeople, a mother with an agenda and more Christmas "spirit" than she can handle, soon make her visit to Noel far more interesting than she ever expected. As if she doesn't have enough problems, she finds herself falling for the town's gorgeous mayor. Tucker Reed is not her type.....or is he? Before long, Hope finds herself in a battle to save not only her grandmother's beloved bakery, but also her heart.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

FREE on Amazon Today

Now, this sounds like a goodie!  Thanks Archer for sharing this with us.

Book Description

 June 24, 2012
Therefore the law is paralyzed, and justice never prevails. The wicked hem in the righteous, so that justice is perverted.

-Habakkuk 1:4

Darkness has descended upon the world; the fabric of society has been torn asunder, sovereign nations collapse under their own burdens, once stable governments are ushered into revolution and allies of old are thrust into war. The tentacles of darkness have inevitably traveled across the Atlantic and are now tightening their grip on the American republic.

Now, faced with a collapsing economy, a failing currency and a society that is swiftly casting its humanity aside, the United States stands at the precipice of a bedlam and malevolence not witnessed since the fall of Rome.

Part 1 follows several characters who strive to navigate the chaos, including:

Jake, his wife and brother are forced to flee the maelstorm of violence as it spills from the cities and into their small town enclave.

A Texas State Guardsmen deep behind enemy lines on South Padre Island, stands with his compatriots against a wave of unspeakable atrocities committed by a ruthless cartel alliance committed to seizing the spoils of the American southwest.

An outlaw and his Catahoula cur companion, learn to survive and even thrive in their river swamp domain as they seek a redoubt from the troubles that plague the world beyond.

A radical revolutionary intent on plunging the wounded nation into revolution as he stokes the flames of hatred and destruction.

Part 1 is a novella length (approximately 20,000 words) and encompasses the first eight chapters of the series.

This series is written in a manner that is accessible by even those who are not fans of collapse or survival literature. So if you're not a fan of the genre, give it a shot, I think you'll enjoy it.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Free on Amazon Today

Just in time for the movie, and YOU can read it FREE on your Kindle!
959 "pages" of classic, one of the books everyone must read. This one is certainly a keeper.

And if you have an Amazon PRIME membership, you can borrow this cookbook for FREE, keep it as long as you want even... until you want to borrow another one.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Windows Key + E

Even old Mrs. Wizard can pick up a goodie now and then, dear readers...

This afternoon hubby and I were out browsing a local store and happened upon a section of new computers, all kinds... with the latest Windows 8 on them. We aren't ready to put the new system on any of our machines yet but it was neat looking.

First real glance... it was a shock... couldn't find a thing. I'm sure it is a very nice operating system, just keeps getting better and better all the time, but geez... if you can't find anything, how can you get your bearings enough to poke around?

A friend of hubby wandered by (a programmer friend... I just LOVE techno folks) and said to use the Windows Key +E ... no matter where you are, that command will bring up the Explorer. And it did! From there I was able to right click on the main hard drive (C) and choose Properties... and see how much memory, hard drive space etc this new machine had. I have always used the keyboard command CTRL+ Esc to bring up the Start menu, but there is no start menu on Windows 8, at least not that I could find at the time.

So I have a new favorite keyboard command in my pocket.

Time to begin reading about Windows 8.
Here are some Windows 8 books you might want to take a peek at for your Kindle. Some are even FREE!

FREE on Amazon Today

FREE Dec 8 and 9
and tomorrow... and if you are an Amazon Prime Subscriber, you can borrow it for free any time!

Three and a Half Virgins

 January 3, 2012
If you're a woman, how would you react if the man who broke your heart twenty years ago tracked you down to apologize? And if you're that man, what would motivate you to do something that bold and unpredictable, and what would you expect to happen? Would sparks be re-ignited?

It all begins when our hapless hero's wife leaves him for the guy up the block. After a mostly unsuccessful attempt at Internet dating, he finds himself revisiting his reckless past. Engulfed by nostalgia, he's suddenly gripped by pleasant memories and sexual fantasies of three old flames -- Laura, Samantha and Molly -- all of whom happened to have been virgins when he first met each of them twenty years before.

But the warm refuge of the past soon gives way to icy reality as he confronts the sobering details of how maliciously he tricked, seduced and broke each of their hearts. Overcome by remorse and tantalized by curiosity, he finds a way to reshape his past.

Which, if any of the virgins will our hero end up with after his quest? The answer will surprise you, as "Three and a Half Virgins" transports you back and forth through time, and ultimately suggests that the past is not necessarily prologue.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Free on Amazon Today

FREE December 4-8
Actually for the next few days! Thank you for sharing it Jasmine!

will be free December 4-8

A thirty-something woman's playful, poignant Wizard of Oz-inspired journey on the streets of Manhattan:
It's Jewish Christmas in Manhattan, which means Chinese takeout and a movie. Melissa Morris's life is a mess, but she's hiding the truth from family and friends, pretending that everything is just fine. When an old friend drags her downtown on a chaotic mission, Melissa finds herself involved in a burglary and kidnapping. In the end, she has to find the courage to face herself.

Jasmine Schwartz's smart, funny crime series, including the novels Farbissen and Fakakt, has been in the Kindle Free Top 10 for mysteries [and #2 in women sleuths] with more than 17,000 downloads.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Finding FREE Books

The latest Kindles
are terrific!
Special THANKS to Ann-Marie for asking!

Oh My Marie! There are all sorts of ways to get books for free for your Kindle... You can find a whole section of free books in the Amazon Kindle Book area. Look in the far right column for a tab indicating the most recently popular free books for the Kindle. Better yet, spend some time exploring the page. You will be amazed how many great free books there are available.

And don't feel you have to stick with just free books... Check out the latest best sellers while you are at it. If you have a Prime Amazon account (the one where you get free 2 day shipping on most items), you also have the ability to borrow many of the latest books. No due dates, no cost. And you are allowed to borrow 1 book a month. I have taken advantage of it several times. It isn't available for all books... I believe the author has to give permission. Both of my books are available in the Kindle Lending Library. You can experiment with them if you have a Prime account. And if you don't, they aren't very expensive.

Another favorite place I like to recommend is This place is very well organized, everything there is absolutely free and if you like classics and older stuff, it is a gold mine of reading material. It has a great search feature too. You can also choose from several different formats to download, depending on what device you want to read your book on.

Barnes and Noble (not to be outdone), also has their share of great free book offerings. You can download special apps for whatever device you have (like an iPad, iPhone etc... non Kindle), or you can download (for free) a special app for your computer and read Nook Books on your machine.  You do need a B&N account, just like you need an Amazon account, whether you "purchase" a free book or actually pay $$ for one. Nook books and Kindle books are "tied" to your account and protected so only you have access to them. This is not true for All their books are "open source" and no longer copy protected.

Another great way to get relatively recent and bestseller books is to check out your local library. If you have a library card and a Kindle and an Internet connection, you are almost there already. You may have to wait a bit for some of the more popular titles, but that hasn't been an issue for me as yet.

ENJOY, dear readers!