Friday, October 22, 2010 Still and always FREE

Special Thanks to a wonderful reader named Jackie who just received her new Kindle 3 on the 20th. You KNOW she is having a great time with her new little machine.

She was wondering if there is a charge/fee for downloading public domain books from non Amazon sites.

Absolutely not! And since your Kindle has the free whispernet service, or is using your wireless Internet access in your home, there is no charge for that either. Any website that wants to charge for public domain books should be avoided.

One of my favorite places to browse an awesome free library is It is even easy to navigate with your Kindle and books can be downloaded in several formats your Kindle will love.

Here are links to a few older articles regarding and how to download books. Enjoy! note: You can actually download these books from your Kindle, directly from the web site. It is certainly worth clicking these book links and experimenting with your 5-way toggle. It may be a little clunky, but actually works fine. You will make good use of that free Amazon whispernet connection. The .mobi file format is my personal favorite for books from on my Kindle, but you can also use .prc, .txt, and .azw files with no trouble. Experiment with them all and decide for yourself which formats you like the best. books are always FREE!

Instant refresher:
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