Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kindle Skills - Series books

I love series books. The Vince Flynn  Mitch Rapp series comes to mind immediately. Last year I read my first one (one of the more recent), was snatched up in the action and gore, found out it was only one of many and went on a hunt for the rest, in order of course. The latest, American Assassin has been keeping me very occupied these last couple of days.

Other series of books and authors have grabbed me in similar ways. The Diana Gabaldon Outlander series is another great series of books, best enjoyed when read and savored from the first to the latest. If you are reading this on your Kindle now (and why not?) do a store search for Outlander and you can get the first in this great series for FREE still. Don't know how much longer though!

When you find an author you like and want to read more, or see if a book you are enjoying is possibly part of a series of books, check Wikipedia first ( If you have your Kindle  handy, a "Wiki Search" is one of your main search choices when you type something, then toggle to the right for your search choices. Search for the author's name. When you find the author you are interested, Wiki should have an area with a list of books (Bibliography), series (in order) and most everything else you need to know about that particular author. Seeing a list of books in a series in order makes it much easier to plan your reading, especially if it is a great series or an author you really are enjoying. Wikipedia is an amazing tool and one you have at your fingertips at all times if you keep your Kindle close.

Once you have your list in order, all you need to do is sit back with your Kindle and ENJOY!