Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kindle Skills - Mobi and Your Mac

Don't think for a minute .mobi files are only for your PC and Kindle. If you have a Mac, and want to read .mobi files (or any other Kindle compatible files) on your computer, you just need the right software. One of the first that comes to mind is the FREE  Amazon Kindle app for the Mac. Download it and install it on your machine and you will have an extra Kindle! And this extra Kindle will display any .mobi  files you may download from places like

Calibre is another great software that you can use on either a PC or Mac, the latest version is available for each. With Calibre, you can even convert files to something more Kindle friendly, as well as use the Calibre software to transfer book files to your Kindle.

You really don't need any special software to transfer files to your Kindle, whether you own a Mac or a PC. All you need are some good file management skills, being able to connect the thing via the USB cable and open the Documents folder on the Kindle, then drag the book you want to transfer to your Kindle to that Documenta folder.

If you don't have software that will read a .mobi file on your Mac, you can still transfer that .mobi file to the Documents folder on your Kindle with no special software and read that book on your Kindle. note: You can actually download these books from your Kindle, directly from the web site. It is certainly worth clicking these book links and experimenting with your 5-way toggle. It may be a little clunky, but actually works fine. You will make good use of that free Amazon whispernet connection. The .mobi file format is my personal favorite for books from on my Kindle, but you can also use .prc, .txt, and .azw files with no trouble. Experiment with them all and decide for yourself which formats you like the best. books are always FREE!

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