Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kindle Skills - Keyboard Shortcuts Updated

There are some additions at the bottom of this list. I thought it might not hurt to just post the whole thing again so you could have it nice and handy... and current.


The Ultimate list (So Far)

Special Note: Keys separated by a + should be held... for example, Alt+ G means press the Alt key, then while still holding it down, press the letter G.

General Shortcuts
•Alt+G refresh screen (anti-ghosting)
•Alt+Shift+R reboot Kindle (completely shuts down, then restarts) - Kindle 1 only
•Alt+Shift+G screenshot
•Power Off - Kindle 2 and newer: Slide and hold the power button for 4 seconds
•Reset - Kindle 2 and newer:  slide and hold the power button for 15 seconds
•Display Wireless Network newer Kindles - Press Menu button
•Alt+Home go to Kindle store
•Jump to Web - type what you are searching for, then move the 5 way to the right and select Google

From the Home Page
•Alt+Shift+M minesweeper game - Press M or enter key to mark, R to restart game, use 5-way controller to move cursor.
•Alt+T show time (Kindle 1)
•Menu button show time and other information at top of screen (Kindle DX and newer)
•Number keys - enter each to go to page number on home screen
•Back button will always take you to the previous page or screen you were on
•Home button will always take you to page 1 of the home screen no matter where you are when you press it
Reader (when any book or article is open)
•Alt+B toggle bookmark on or off
•Alt+T spell out time at bottom of screen (Kindle 1 only)
•Alt+Page forward or backward go to next/previous annotation or one "chunk" (1/20th of a book) forward or backward.
•J (letter key) when Font choices are open (Aa), pressing the letter J will give you additional justification options. Kindle 1 only. I did not see additional options on the DX or Kindle 3 while a book was opened and the Aa key was pressed.

Photo Viewer Controls - The picture viewer can be activated by connecting your Kindle 2 (and newer) to your computer and creating a "pictures" folder on your Kindle drive. Create subfolders inside the pictures folders with each subfolder naming what the subject of the pictures are. The subfolders will become "book" names and the pictures will be pages. .gif, .jpg and .png files all work. Then disconnect the USB cable and when you turn on your Kindle and press Alt+Z on the home screen, your pictures will appear among the books.

While you are viewing pictures in the Picture Viewer
•The letter C toggles the actual size
•The letter F toggles full screen
•Q  zoom in 
•W zoom out
•R rotate
•E reset zoom level
•Pan Photo larger than screen - use 5 way controller
•Alt+Shift+o to set the current picture as screensaver

Text To Speech Shortcuts (only for books that have text to speech enabled, or unprotected (like books)
•Start or stop Shift+SYM (shift key is the "up arrow")
•Pause text to speech Spacebar
•Switch between male and female voices and change voice speed - press the Aa key while it is playing, then use the 5-way switch to navigate to the option you want. Press in on the center button to make it happen.
•Start text to speech at specific point on a page - To begin the text to speech at a particular point on a page, move the cursor with your 5-way controller to the point just before you want the reading to begin.

Settings Page (from the Home screen, press Menu, then navigate to settings) Kindles 2, 3 and DX
•Alt+411 Show diagnostics data (while holding down the alt key, press the numbers one at a time)
•Alt+311 search for and switch wireless provider (do not do this unless you know exactly what you are doing).
Audio Player Music folder (mp3 audio books or mp3 music files can go in this folder). You can't really control this folder or sort the files (other than by file name) to play in a special order. Keyboard commands only if you have anything in this folder.
•Alt+F next (music files in a music folder on your Kindle)
•Alt+P Play/stop (Kindle 1)
•Alt+Spacebar (Kindle DX, 2 and 3) play/pause music. Also pauses spoken text function
•Spacebar pause audio file

Audible folder (audio books from or mp3 audio books or mp3 music files)
•This is for files (subscription required) but also for mp3 files you may want more control over (rather than just putting them in 
the music folder on your Kindle)
•Place mp3 files (book, music, old time radio shows) in this folder on your Kindle. When you disconnect your Kindle from the computer, you will see these files listed much like any other book. These have special "powers." You can organize them in collections. Click one to play
and you will see regular audio controls at the bottom of your Kindle screen. Use the spacebar to start/stop or use the 5 way controller to navigate to the control you want to use, then press in on the center to make it happen.

To copy text from a book to the search box (to search for a character's name?)
  • Use the 5-way to position the cursor to the beginning of the text you want to copy
  • Press in on the 5-way to mark the beginning of the highlight
  • Use the 5-way to move right, selecting (highlighting) the word(s) you want to search for
  • Instead of clicking again as you would to save a highlight, press the spacebar
  • The selected words will now be in the search box. Move the cursor down or right, delete any extra characters, then move down and right to highlight Find. Click to search
  • Clear text from the search/edit box: ALT+DEL
  • Default search action: when the action on the right of the search box is the one you want, you do not have to use the 5-way to move to highlight it first. You can just press ENTER (or click)
  • Same thing if the cursor is in the URL field of the web browser on your kindle. the action shown to the right is going to be the default. You can just press ENTER to make it happen.
The SYM key is only active when a search/edit box is active
  • To start a search from the Home screen with a symbol, press DEL or ENTER to open up a search box, then press SYM
  • On some other screens, DEL or ENTER will not work. To open a search/edit box so you can use SYM, type a space, then delete it.
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