Thursday, March 15, 2007

SoapMaking Resources

Here are a few of the great links I found during my research into the lathery world of soapmaking. I hop you enjoy them as much as I (still) do!

Supplies: (great place to get your feet wet)
Wholesale Supplies Plus (nice melt and pour supplies and prices) (beeswax and wonderful honey!)
MMS (lip balm and other miscellaneous containers - gotta have)
SoapMaker - THE program to help you keep track of all those new recipes you find!
Soapers' Choice - Just about any kind of oil you can imagine can be found here, at terrific prices.

Making Soap from Scratch
Castile Soap Recipe (with Instructions)
Soapmaking oils and their properties (There is a lot more out there, but this is a great start)
Soapmaking 1 2 3 (great picture of what soap at the tracing stage looks like)
Another someone tossing a batch of soap together (really graphic)

I hope you dear readers enjoy this little journey. Be sure to visit often to see what the heck else is gonig on. Honestly I am having entirely much more fun than I should be allowed! As it is, I need to finish some edits for a website I am working on, then it is off to the bathroom off the kitchen to make more..... SOAP!

Warmest Regards (with a promise of more links later)
Mrs. Wizard