Thursday, October 07, 2010

Kindle Skills - picking up free ebooks

I have a very dear friend in Houston who has a Kindle 2. She loves it and reading as much as I do. Her husband is a very voracious reader too, so they are actually a "his and hers" Kindle family with 2 Kindles on the same Amazon account. They also have "his and hers" computers, so my friend doesn't have her husband's Amazon account information stored on her laptop, so "purchasing" a free Amazon book isn't an option on her computer. Since both Kindles are registered on the same Amazon account, this is how she (and you) can have access to all the free books I have been finding lately and sharing on this blog.

While reading this blog on your Kindle, you can't just click a link and go to the store to purchase it. The links go to an Internet page, not directly to the Amazon store. Here is the workaround...

  • If you see a title you want to check out in the store, type the name of the book with your Kindle keyboard. 
  • Toggle the 5 way switch to the right until you see the word store highlighted. 
  • Press in on the 5 way to immediately search the store. Use the 5way up and down to navigate to the book title, and press in to go to the title you want.  
  • When you get to the book's page on Amazon, use the 5 way switch to read more about the book or "purchase" it if the price is still acceptable. 
  • By doing it right from your Kindle, the "purchase" will be sent to that particular Kindle.
  • This is the same way you purchase any book in the Kindle store. These just happen to be free, and free is good!