Saturday, March 30, 2013

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Quest for the Lost Treasure (Interactive Pirate Adventure in a Beautifully Illustrated Picture Book, for Ages 3-8)

 September 2, 2012
"Choose Your Own Path" Pirate Adventure for Ages 3-8!

Your epic journey begins when a band of Pirates raid your village and you set out to track down the thieving pirates and recover the lost gold and jewels. The unique interactive format allows you to control the progress of the story, as it is being told! Will you dare to explore what's behind the closed door, or play it safe and escape up the stairway?

"What a great way to get your kids involved in reading! The graphics in this short story are really stunning with bright colors and a lush look to them." ~PT Cruiser

"I highly recommend this book to beginning readers as well as to those parents and other caregivers who are trying to encourage reading in their young children." ~Loretta Gilbert

"My boys have read this book a second time now and have asked if I could keep it on the Kindle. If you are looking for a way to get your child excited about reading, this is a great book to begin with. Loved it." ~Ionia Martin

Monday, March 25, 2013

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Broken Bread will be free on Amazon March 25-29
Enjoy! Dear Readers...

Genre: Family/Humor/Spiritual
Lisa has worked as a dancer for Jack at the Lion's Den for six 
weeks. She took the job to make some quick cash. She soon 
discovers the proprietor Jack's evil nature and finds herself 
forced to make a crucial decision concerning free will. Will 
Lisa choose the right path?

Across the street sits the Broken Bread Diner, where "All Are 
Welcome," and every first meal is free. Come in and warm 
your hearts with Betty, Miguel, Aggie, and the rest of the crew. 
See what old Charlie, the proprietor, has cooking for you. What 
you discover may surprise you and could change your life forever.

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This book will be free from March 25, 2013 to March 29, 2013
Enjoy! Dear Readers! I'm certainly looking forward to this one!
Race-Baiting Insanity: Academic Goals, "White Privilege", & The NRA (Race-Baiting Insanity Series #7)

In the history of the United States, race has been an ongoing issue that we have wrestled with. Most everyone agrees that racism is bad and needs to be addressed whenever it appears. What is unfortunate is that liberals/Democrats, sometimes referred to as the Left, while they give lip service to combating racism, actually use race to bludgeon their opponents and make them out to be racist. As will be illustrated in this volume and the whole of the series, it is those on the Left who are racist, or think racism exists when there is none.

This volume expands on the shameless racial issues in schools and shines a light on how an entire school system is using race in student academic goals, how Mitt Romney (and by extension his wife Ann, and probably his children) is only successful because of "white privilege", and how a sports reporter, while capitalizing on an NFL player's murder/suicide for personal gain and exposure, managed to label the National Rifle Association as the "new KKK".

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Surrept by Taylor Andrews will be free on Amazon from March 25-29
Enjoy! Dear Readers

Genre: Thriller/Supense

Surrept is a disturbingly brilliant thriller. Take a wild journey into the 
lives of two strong, young women who change the world as we know 

Dana Underwood, an up-and-coming real estate star, and her 
glamorous nemesis, Adriana Pucci, the personal assistant to men 
of power, have never met; yet their lives are intertwined in a 
suspenseful drama unlike any other you've ever read.

This journey will leave you spellbound by incredible events that unfold 
before you as present-day global tragedies cripple Western society 
and alter the world forever.

Follow along with Dana in her quest to stop the coldest woman on 
earth from altering its destiny.

Watch and listen to the thoughts of the treacherous Adriana as she 
seduces with a smile and posture that intoxicates those she targets in 
her conspiracies.

This piece reads like a film in real time and will leave you with 
thoughts unlike you have ever had.

Surrept will take your breath away.

Friday, March 22, 2013

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Ladies First by Taylor Andrews will be free on March 22-26
"Ladies First Academy for Women: Where Today's Girls Become the Top Women of Tomorrow."
Oh My! Dear Readers

Genre: Drama/Suspense
Description: Join four young women, unknown to each other, as their lives intertwine with fate in a 
thrilling journey on destiny’s path of intrigue, mystery, discovery, and triumph.

Vicky Katz is Jewish and a recent business graduate. Desiree Martinez is a Hispanic law student. 
Pasha Kennedy is an African-American student nurse, and Jennifer Post is an unemployed white 
girl. All of them are beautiful, all of them are smart, and all of them are in each other’s future.

Each young woman is invited to attend one of the world’s foremost, exclusive, private women’s 
institutions known as the “Ladies First Academy for Women: Where Today’s Girls Become the 
Top Women of Tomorrow.” 

Read Ladies First and follow the life-changing challenges and events each young woman faces, 
and get a glimpse as each is inducted into the Ladies First Academy, where they finally learn that 
their lives will never again be the same.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Another excuse to read my Kindle!

 OK... This isn't me, but it is my new office contraption... I'm no longer having to make any excuses for preferring to read a good book instead of getting my heart rate up (physically, that is...) I can read "hot and steamy" all I want with no guilt at all!

It didn't take hubby long at all to put it together and the price wasn't too bad either...

All in all, my body is greatful!

Monday, March 18, 2013

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Rising of the Cursed by Mandy Huston will be free on
March 18-22
Sounds like a goodie, Dear Readers!

Genre: Young Adult/Paranormal
Description: When half-vampire Charlie Sparks moves across the country with her recently 
divorced mother, her main goal is to blend in with the locals and finish out her high school 
years peacefully. Fitting in becomes the least of her worries when she meets a group of 
immortal creatures much like herself and teenage vampires at her school start going missing.

Miss Huston impressed us with a well-written and clever twist on the young adult paranormal. 
Her prose is exacting from the P.O.V. of Charlie, her main character. The storyline flows well 
to her target market of readers. The unexpected compels and absorbs the reader while quickly 
moving through the pages involving this dark town of Hayward.

Rising of the Cursed" surprises its audience with a unique perspective worthy of the read. You will

find this journey leaves you wanting more in the first of the series."

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Mustard Seeds by Taylor Andrews will be free on March 18-22
Sweet! Dear Readers

Genre: Suspense/Thriller

The beautiful young Mickey Gillette still lives at home with her mother and her Rottweiler, Bear.
Both work for the city. Marty, her mother, heads the emergency medical response teams, and 
Mickey works as a 911 call center operator. Both deal with tragedy daily, and they do their jobs 
well. Follow Mickey and her two best friends, Lisa and Donnelli, on a radical journey in their lives, 
on life’s unexpected terms. 

Ride along with the three girls as they become key players in a madman’s attack on the Mile-High 
City. Are they the ones destiny has chosen to try and stop him? International intrigue and suspense 
fills the pages with unexpected characters and twists that will leave you guessing. The incredible 
epilogue will leave you with white knuckles, as you cheer.

Monday, March 11, 2013

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Flash Acts by Taylor Andrews will be free on March 11-15

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Intelligent, steamy hot fun with wild twists and turns that will awaken all of your emotions. 
Flash Acts is a great adult read for all to enjoy. 

These characters jump off the pages as if you know each one by name, or wish that you 
did. Hot-sexy-mind blowing-fun.

Sloane Addison and her friends are the one's that you wish you had. This story will keep 
you snatching at the pages. It is a smart suspense filled burner about their journey into the 
entertainment world that will keep you reading through all of the steam and paparazzi.

A thrilling ride from high school to Hollywood’s elite society. Flash Acts is smart, sexy, and 
filled with suspenseful twists and surprises, hot, hot, hot!

Friday, March 01, 2013

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Due to popular demand and for a limited time only...

The Blog of Maisy Malone [Kindle Edition]

 November 6, 2012
My name is Maisy Malone. I’m seventeen years old, live in a ratty council house with my 60 year old, near-alcoholic Dad and a dog with a leaky bum.
This is my blog. You can either like it, or you can…well… blog off!! ;o)

Maisy is seventeen and has reason to be seriously fed up. Her Dad spends his days stagnating in his armchair, watching re-runs of Bargain Hunt, shouting abuse at their neurotic dog, Dave, or nursing his pint down at the Pride. Her mum fled the place years ago, on the back of a clapped-out, old bike, and is now planning the wedding of the year, to a man so damp you could grow mushrooms on him. Even her mates are distracted these days; Poppy is to be found rattling out her vampire love story and Jess is too busy obsessing over the latest bad boy to cross her path. Trouble is, her latest conquest is Maisy’s detested older brother, Ollie – recently returned to the family home. But what secret is he hiding?

And now Maisy has dropped out of sixth form in an attempt to bring some money into the family home. But will a range of eye-opening, temporary assignments provide Maisy the freedom she is searching for?
Or is home always where the heart is?


"Oh, goodness me. My cheeks ache. Maisy's adventures and misadventures really made me laugh. Eve Ainsworth has a great feel for the absurd and some remarkable comic timing" - Jill Murphy, The Bookbag

"Maisy has more problems to deal with than most and these are explored with honesty and a certain gravitas, but with the humour created by life-like characters with the qualities and flaws of real human beings. A real fun and uplifting read." - Nikki Mason, Bestchicklit