Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kindle Skills - Browsing and Searching

From the second generation Kindle to the latest Kindle 3 (that is the name it seems to have acquired), browsing the Internet has gotten better and better. As much as I have loved the Kindle since the beginning, I have to say that first Internet experience should have been free because it wasn't much good for anything. It was slow and extremely clunky.

While still a little clunky, your Internet searching experience should be much better with your new Kindle. The key to a good search is the search words you use. Keep them brief and to the point, and as descriptive as possible. This is not the time to write a book.

Searching with the Kindle:

  • Make sure you have the Internet turned on your Kindle (press the menu) button and look for Turn Wireless Off or Turn Wireless On at the top... make sure it is on.
  • From the Home screen of your Kindle, type what you are looking for... like, Kindle news
  • Toggle the 5-way to the right until you see google highlighted.
  • Press in on the center button to begin your search.
  • If you see a magnifying glass with a + on it, press in on the 5 way to magnify the search page a little
  • use the 5-way to navigate up, down, left or right on the web page
  • When you see the pointer change to a finger, you are on a link. Press in on the 5 way to follow the link.
  • On the search page for Kindle News, I navigated to the left column of the page and clicked the link under the words Any Time... The latest. Then press in on the middle button to go to that page.
Have fun searching and reading!