Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kindle Skills - Listening to Audio

Q: Can you help me transfer an audio to my kindle ?

If I bring up the web site and then click on AUDIO at the top of the screen,Then fill in the blank for AMOS and ANDY,then GO.
It brings up many  past audio radio skits.
MY question is how can i transfer these audio skits to my kindle DX?

A: I LOVE Amos and Andy and old time radio shows! You are a man after my own heart! There is nothing like getting double duty out of your Kindle.

The first thing to do is download the MP3 files you want... That's what these old radio show audio files are usually... and what will work on your Kindle DX. Make sure you separate the two processes in your mind - downloading the audio files and transferring them to your Kindle.

Make sure you put your audio files in a special folder on your computer and that you can find them easily.
Connect your Kindle DX to your computer via USB and open it to view the files (like it is an external drive)

You should see an Audio folder and an Audible folder. The Audible folder is actually for audio book files, but it works great for mp3 files. Put your radio show files, or regular music files in the Audible folder.
Then safely disconnect your Kindle from your computer. When you turn it on again, you will see your audio files listed on your home screen as though they are audio books... you can create a special collection and put these files in it for further organization.

To play them, navigate to the file name you want, and press in on your 5 way switch. The rest is very intuitive... and you will see the nice audible controls at the bottom of your screen when you are playing one of your audio files.

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