Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kindle Skills - Copy and Paste

If you ever want to be able to get free ebooks from sources other than Amazon, you must be able to transfer files from your computer to your Kindle via the USB connection. This means you need to make yourself proficient in the most basic of file management and Windows skills. Most of the people I see who are just beginning to make friends with a computer have the most difficulty with the following most basic skills. Once these are mastered, the rest is relatively easier.

Dragging and Dropping is a skill most people associate with Windows as well as Mac computers. It may seem basic, but it is one of the most important skills you will ever learn on your computer.  The skill of dragging from one place to another can be critical when you are copying a file from one folder to another. If you let go of the mouse button too early, there's no telling where that file could end up. You know that Solitaire game that came with your computer? Actually it is a great (can't get into trouble) way to practice your dragging and dropping skills.

Copy and Paste is a the next most important skill to hone, and can make dragging and dropping challenged folks lives a lot easier. If you can copy something, you can paste it somewhere else. It doesn't matter if you need to fumble around finding the place you want to put the file. Once you copy a file, it will be in your clipboard, the memory of your computer, until you are ready to paste it in the new place. And if you accidentally paste it into the wrong place, it is easy enough to delete the accidental extra file, then navigate to the correct place and paste it again.

If you can see a file, you can copy that file. Right click (CTRL+click on a Mac) on the file to select it and see the choices. Choose copy with a single left click.  Once you copy a file, a literal copy is placed in your computer's clipboard (memory), and will remain there to be pasted over and over, until something else copied replaces it. You can copy something once, and paste it many times.

Connect your Kindle to your computer with the USB cable. If you are using a Mac, click the Kindle icon that appears on your desktop to view the contents of your Kindle. If you are using a PC, choose open folder to view files in the window that appears when you connect your Kindle. 

Open the folder (click on it, double click if a single click won't do it) you want to put your file into. If it is an audio (.mp3) file, open the music or audible folder. If it is a book file, open the documents folder on your Kindle.

Once you have the folder you want to place your file into opened, move your pointer to a white (empty) area inside that folder. Right click in this area to see your choices. Choose paste. You should see the file you copied earlier appear in the correct folder. No need to worry about a little hand shaking, or nerves. It will just be in the correct place. 

Don't you just LOVE it!