Saturday, July 17, 2010

pdf files and iPhone/iTouch

July 17, 2010 Cindy O'Neal
iPhone/iTouch - pdf viewer
You know you can get a great Kindle app, absolutely free for your iPhone or iTouch. It is wonderful to be able to add another device you can read books from Amazon with. You have access to all your Kindle purchased books, and the entire archives.

PDF files can be sent to your Amazon account for your Kindle, and they can even be dragged straight to the Documents folder on your Kindle while it is connected via USB to your computer, but I don't know of any way you can get those pdfs to your Kindle app for your iPhone or iTouch. Pdf files are considered personal files, so they aren't listed in the Archives on Amazon. No problem though. I just found a FREE app, that works great!

MyPDFs Mobile PDF Viewer:
Absolutely FREE, and it just WORKS! No advertising, just a great little down and dirty pdf reader for your iTouch or iPhone. Transferring your pdf files from your computer (mac or pc) to your iPhone/Touch is done from within iTunes (go figure). Connect your little machine, open iTunes, then click your device so it is highlighted. Look for and click the Apps tab at the top of the iTunes screen for your device. Scroll down until you see File Sharing. You should see a little area with Apps listed on the left and an area to the right of each (as it is selected) to drag and drop files. Click Where it says MyPdfs so it is highlighted. Drag the pdf files you want on your device into the right side area to transfer them. And that's about it. When you disconnect your device and open MyPDFs on it, you will see all your pdf files listed. The rest is just touching and browsing. Enjoy!