Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Manybooks.net additions for your Kindle library

July 13, 2010 Cindy O'Neal

You want creepy horror adventure? Do NOT read these in the dark!
From one of the Kings of Pulp Fiction...

Sax Rohmer

alias: arthur henry sarsfield ward
life: 1883-1959
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Bat Wing, [en] 1920
The Devil Doctor
Hitherto Unpublished Adventures in the Career of the Mysterious Dr. Fu-Manchu, [en] 1916
Dope, [en] 1919
Fire-Tongue, [en] 1921
The Hand of Fu-Manchu
Being a New Phase in the Activities of Fu-Manchu, the Devil Doctor, [en] 1917
Nude in Mink, [en] 1950
The Yellow Claw, [en] 1915
Manybooks.net note: You can actually download these books from your Kindle, directly from the web site. It is certainly worth clicking these book links and experimenting with your 5-way toggle. I did it and it was a little clunky, but actually worked out fine. The books made it to my Kindle with no trouble and I made good use of that free Amazon whispernet connection. The .mobi file format is my personal favorite for books from Manybooks.net on my Kindle. Manybooks.net books are always FREE!

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