Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kindle Skills - Grazing

July 10, 2010 Cindy O'Neal

Wow! What a great resource! To a bibliophile, half the fun of a great book is finding it.

From the Terms of Use page: Updated daily and the latest version can always be downloaded (from your Kindle web browser so it will go straight to your Kindle for future use) at If you go to this link from your Kindle web browser, it will immediately download this guide in a .mobi format, right to where it needs to be on your Kindle to show up on the Home screen as a "book." It lists all Mobipocket (Kindle-compatible) books freely available for download at MobileRead (

These books have all been hand-formatted by volunteers to take full advantage of the device for which they have been created (your Kindle). You will love them and be able to tell were put together by folks who love to read and share.

Clicking any book link will take you to a page containing a brief description of that book (written by the person who edited and uploaded it), and a download link. If you have a Kindle, a Windows PC or Mac, simply clicking the link will download the book. It is a wonderful way to browse (graze) thousands of great reads.

This is a great way to add quality formatted public domain books to your Kindle. Heck... it is great fun just browsing the titles. You can almost smell the old library dust!