Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Manybooks.net additions for your Kindle library

June 8, 2010 Cindy O'Neal

Instant refresher:
How to download a book file from manybooks.net and how to get it to your Kindle.
Downloading 101 - Firefox
Downloading 101 - Internet Explorer
Kindle File Management

Manybooks.net books are FREE. The format that seems to work best on the Kindle is .mobi. You can transfer those files directly to the Documents folder of your Kindle with no conversion necessary.

Robin Hood Swashbucklers

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
author: Howard Pyle
published: 1883
language: English
wordcount: 110,891 / 292 pg
downloads: 1,946
mnybks.net#: 5792
genres: Adventure, Fiction & Literature, Audiobook
Pyle's distillation of many Robin Hood legends and ballads, modified to make them suitable for children.

Robin Hood
author: J. Walker McSpadden
language: English
wordcount: 63,223 / 181 pg
downloads: 707
added to site: 2006.01.22
mnybks.net#: 12565
genre: Fiction & Literature

Robin Hood
author: Paul Creswick
published: 1917
language: English
wordcount: 93,847 / 270 pg
series: World's Best Reading
downloads: 1,152
added to site: 2009.05.07
mnybks.net#: 24091
origin: gutenberg.org
genre: Adventure

Robin Hood and Maid Marian
author: Wm. Murray Graydon
published: 1914
language: English
wordcount: 25,997 / 70 pg
downloads: 686
added to site: 2008.12.20
mnybks.net#: 22921
genre: Fiction & Literature
Novelization of a 1913 film.

Young Robin Hood
author: George Manville Fenn
language: English
wordcount: 17,215 / 54 pg
downloads: 711
added to site: 2004.06.30
mnybks.net#: 8139
genres: Young Readers, Adventure