Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kindle Skills - Copy and Paste

June 10, 2010 Cindy O'Neal

Copy and Paste
If you are File Management Challenged and have a hard time finding the Documents folder or your Desktop, or any other folder, learning the basic skill of Copy and Paste can make it all better. Copy and Paste is not just for bits of text. It can work great for files too, and can free your mind from all the confusion and having to drag and drop from one folder to another. For many, the thought of multitasking can turn them into a screaming mimi. Copy and Paste will allow you to concentrate on one thing at a time, and transfer books to your Kindle without making you crazy. This and making the right mouse button your best friend will make you the boss of your computer.

Right click and Copy
Yep... it is that easy. Right click on any file (CTRL+Click if you have a Mac) and choose (single left click) the word Copy. If you can see it and select it, you can copy it, and that includes files. Once you choose Copy, it won't look as though anything in particular has happened, but a nice copy of your file has just been tucked into the memory of your computer. You can close whatever window or folder you are working in. You don't need it any more and are perfectly free to move on to the next step.

Right click and Paste
Connect your Kindle to your computer with the USB connector. If you connect it to a PC, a little window will appear asking if you want to view the folders on this device. You do. If it is a Mac, you will see a little Kindle icon appear on your Desktop. Double click it to view the folders on your Kindle.

Click the Documents folder on your Kindle to open it. Right click in any empty (white) area inside the Documents folder to see what your choices are. One of your choices should be to paste the file. Go for it.
Your file will appear in the Documents folder where it belongs. You can now safely eject and disconnect your Kindle and your book file should be listed on the Home screen.

The nice thing about copying and pasting files is you are less likely to miss and have the file end up God knows where. Everything is slow and deliberate with copy and paste, and if you right click and don't see the choice you are expecting, it is nothing to back away and try again. Your file will be safely ensconced in the memory of your computer until you copy something else... you can paste it any time you are ready.

You know you have gone bonkers for your Kindle...
When you find yourself shopping for a nifty little Kindle light... Now when on earth did you ever read in the dark before?
Oh... my Kindle light works great!