Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Free on Amazon Today

June 16, 2010 Cindy O'Neal
Note: If you are reading this on your Kindle and want to get a book from the Kindle store now, type the title with your Kindle, then toggle your 5-way switch to the right until the word store is highlighted. Press in on it to search. When the title comes up, make sure it is still free (or an acceptable price) before finally pressing in on the 5-way switch to "buy" it. You can always press the back button (before you press buy) if you change your mind.

And remember... what is FREE today may not be FREE tomorrow, so get it (them) while you can!

There is nothing more fun than two new free books for our Kindles... except reading them!
I think having the first in a series available for free is a great way to get acquainted with an author and the series. If you love it, you will get the rest of the series.

Cry Sanctuary: Book 1 of Red Rock Pass series [Kindle Edition]
Moira Rogers (Author)
Digital List Price: $4.50
Kindle Price: $0.00 & includes wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet
You Save: $4.50 (100%)

Product Description
He is tired of fighting. She has nowhere to run.

Book 1 of Red Rock Pass series

Keith Winston is tired of fighting. The war between werewolves and wizards rages on in Europe, but he's come home to Red Rock, Montana in hopes of finding a bit of peace. Instead he finds more strife as he struggles against the pack's dictates that he resume his place as the alpha's right-hand man.
When he rescues a new wolf on the run, he knows his instant attraction to her could cause trouble. What he doesn't expect is to find himself embroiled in another battle that goes against all his instincts-and his heart.

Abigail Adler learned about the existence of werewolves only when she became one. With her life threatened by a corrupt alpha, she flees to the only sanctuary she knows: Red Rock. While she's grateful for the pack's protection, she chafes under its unbreakable rules of conduct-except when it comes to submitting to the passion Keith stirs in her.

Then her tormentor kidnaps her sister in an attempt to lure her out of hiding. To save her, Abby and Keith must be willing to do the very thing that could get them all killed-break all of the rules.

Warning: Hot werewolf sex, violence, explosions, and a heroine wielding a makeshift implement of destruction.

The Last Drop [Kindle Edition]
L. Sprague de Camp (Author), L. Ron Hubbard (Author)

Digital List Price: $0.99
Kindle Price: $0.00 & includes wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet
You Save: $0.99 (100%)

The Last Drop, is about Mac the bartender who has been looking to make the perfect cocktail for some time. He finally does make it with a concoction that comes from Borneo. There is an unfortunate side effect, however. The Borneo alcohol, when mixed with certain substances can make one grow bigger or smaller. Another complication arises-the gang is out to get Mac and his bar patrons. Will they escape? Will Mac ever get smaller? Find out. -Book News and Reviews
Product Description
A humorous tale about a New York bartender who receives mysteriously special potions from Borneo which can make people grow or shrink depending on which one they drink. When our hero uses the potion to deal with some unfriendly mobsters, the results are comic and riotously unpredictable-including an unexpected run-in with a dogfish.