Friday, August 26, 2011

Kindle Skills - Where is the Enter Key?

When you use your Kindle a while, you may find yourself describing how to do something to someone using terms you might use while talking about a computer. For example:

5-way controller
on Kindle 2
Press the Enter Key:
That is the middle button on your 5-way array of buttons (Kindle 3) or the button/5-way switch on the bottom right of the Kindle 2. On the Kindle 2 you kind of toggle that button up, down, left or right, then press in on that same button when you want to make something happen (like an enter) key. Pressing in on the larger middle button on the Kindle 3 does exactly the same thing.

Right Click:
5-way controller
on Kindle 3
On a computer, right clicking something gives you choices. You will see choices every time you press the Menu button on your Kindle, but you will also see choices, similar to a right click choice when you have a book selected, then press the right button on the 5-way buttons, or toggle the 5-way to the right on a Kindle 2. Give it a try. It is a great little button.