Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Collection of Freebies

If you (like most of us) have a hard time turning down these frequent free books on Amazon, you should have quite a nice collection by now. Just in the last few months I have managed to amass almost 200 of the things in my Free Unsorted Collection. Trust me, I haven't read all those books yet. I don't even remember what most of them are about. I only know I wouldn't have "purchased" them unless I thought I might like to read them at some time or another.

"Right click" - press the 5-way to the right (or toggle the 5-way to the right if you have a Kindle 2) on any selected book in any collection. One of the choices is Book Description. Move the selector down until Book Description is underlined (selected), then press in on the 5-way center button. If your Kindle is connected to the Internet, you will quickly be transported to the corresponding Amazon store page for that book. You will see all the current information for the book, the price (so you can feel great about getting it for free if it isn't free any more) and a description of the book. Use your 5 way switch to navigate around this area to read more about the book, including various reviews others have written. When you are finished, press the Back button on your Kindle to return to the book on your Kindle. 

Be very careful not to press in on your 5 way while the Buy button is highlighted. If the book isn't free any more, you may find yourself purchasing it. I don't want to test this theory to find out.

How's that for information at your fingertips? 

And of course... shameless promotion below.
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