Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kindle Skills - Saving Your Place

You really don't need to worry about saving your place when reading a book on your Kindle. It does it for you automatically. When you turn your Kindle off or put it to sleep by sliding the power switch once, the very last thing you were doing will be on the screen.

I have the books on my Kindle organized in Collections, and when I finish reading a book for the night, I usually press the Home button to go back to my Collections listed view. The latest book I have been reading, or the collection it is in will always be listed first. When I pick up the Kindle, I navigate to the collection at the top of the list on the home page, press in on the 5-way controller (the enter key), and the last book I was reading will be at the top of that list in that collection. Select that book, press in on the 5-way again and the book will open to the last page I was reading.

Not only will your Kindle keep track of the latest book you are reading, but it does this for every book you are reading.

Awesome, isn't it? Modern technology.. you gotta love it!

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