Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kindle Goodies - Skin it for a NEW look!

see my little greyhound's
behind in the background?
It has been a long time since opening a package made me smile, but this one did. The folks at were kind enough to introduce me to their skins with one for my iPhone 3gs and my iPad2. I had never attempted to even put a screen protector on my iPhone before, especially after seeing a few on other people's phones and how awful and bubbly they looked.

These were a wonderful experience. I love to say, "If I can do it, you can do it." I mean it.

The iPhone skin went on so easily, the glue on the DecalGirl's skins is special so it won't mess up your expensive toys. I was even able to peel it off and put it back on (straight this time) until I was satisfied with the result. Dressing up my little phone gave it a whole new personality. I am getting a kick out of just looking at it again, instead of thinking what the iPhone 5 is going to be like. I do a lot with my iPhone, including listening to audio books, listening to Internet radio and reading with the Kindle app, so it really helps when it has a nice little beauty boost. Oh... I need to mention... no more pesky fingerprints! Fingerprints drive me crazy! That's half the reason I prefer a cover most of the time. Now I just have pretty, and can use the cover for times when I need the extra protection.

Do check out their website. I'm already looking at a special treat for my Kindle DX, and maybe another for my Kindle 2 (daughter has that one). These skins not only are full of personality, but they also protect from scratches and are thin enough you can still slip your little machine into your more bulky cover when you need a little more protection. Around the house though, these are just enough.

I'm also thinking these would make wonderful (reasonably priced) and thoughtful gifts for those special people on your Christmas and Birthday lists.

There is always something to be said for a little color. Do yourself (and your Kindle) a favor and visit DecalGirl's site. Try not to drool on the screen.

And of course... shameless promotion below.
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