Monday, October 10, 2011

The only thing about Library books...

I have really been enjoying browsing the ebooks offerings of our local library system but noticed something I really didn't expect.

I'm remembering how (as a kid growing up) important it was to take the due date of those library books very seriously. Even though it was a penny here and a penny there for a day late, those pennies could add up. I didn't have a lot of extra pennies to toss around, so those due dates were special to me. Even though there isn't a late charge for ebooks, they will be removed from your Kindle on the due date. With that in mind, I have got to get over that "overdue angst" I seem to be experiencing.  It is a real childhood flashbacks issue. I can remember having to reimburse the library a few times over the years for books my little dog "autographed" to the point of destruction, but never overdue books.

Remember, books you borrow from your library do have a "due" date, but there is nothing to prevent you from borrowing it again (and again) if you need more time to savor it. And, if it is a really good book you might want to purchase for your permanent library, there is always a handy buy now button linking you to the Amazon store. Now, how convenient is that?

And, if you have a little dog, you won't have to worry about autograph issues (if you have a young chewer) with a Kindle book. That sure makes me feel better!