Monday, October 24, 2011

Display Your Kindle Proudly

My Kindles mean a lot to me, even when I don't have my face poked in a book, barely coming up for air. When I'm not using it, it is displayed proudly on a nice stand. It's nothing expensive, so I have several around the house in strategic (easy to grab) areas.

I'm using display easels for plates. They work great, are very inexpensive, and come in designs from simple to very ornate and elegant.

Here is one with my iPad resting in it, complete with its Oberon cover and a nice stylus hanging handy and another, smaller one that is perfect to proudly display Dame Kindle, my first (now semi-retired) Kindle. I found this on Amazon using the word easel stand as the key word. Nice price and it was eligible for prime shipping.

You can find these in most stores where you can purchase photo frames. The little fancy one I'm using for Dame Kindle was purchased for only $3 at a local Gordman's in their "wall art" section. It had a small plaque in the stand that was UGLY. I can 't even remember what it was exactly... I just tossed that part and kept the little stand.