Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kindle for Devices... New and Improved!

If you have fallen in love with your collections on your Kindle, you will appreciate finally having them in your Kindle for your PC or Mac. When you install the latest update, you will see a choice to import your collections from your Kindle (or Kindles if you have more than one). Now, the actual books won't be imported, but placeholder/shortcuts to the titles in each collection you have will be listed. Clicking them will cause each to be downloaded as you want them.

I LOVE it! Haven't had much of a chance to tinker with it yet, but I can see it as a pretty decent way to "backdoor backup" your collections. Any time you can put them in more than one place, you are less likely to lose them in case of (gasp!) a disaster.
I wanted to make sure before I started writing about this new twist in our Kindle adventure, but it appears to look and act the same on either a Mac or Windows computer. If you decide to not import a collection (or collections) when you first install this new version, you can always go back and do it from the File menu.  The software for Kindle for your computer is looking better every day. Even if you don't read a lot on your computer screen, it is a great way to keep track of what you have or haven't read yet.

Not such a happy story for the Kindle app for your iPad or iPhone... And the Kindle Cloud is still in its baby stages... no collections available for them yet. Maybe soon?