Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ask Mrs. Wizard - Kindle Transferring

Transferring and Copying... Oh My!

Hi Cindy,
I spoke with you in January when I bought my Kindle, which I love! I bought an iPad last month and I was able to get my Kindle library there without any trouble, but alas not so with new laptop. I can’t even get my email contacts to transfer, but that is another story!
Would you please let me know how I can transfer the Kindle file with as little difficulty as possible?
Thank you so very much!
Oh Mary!  You will LOVE your iPad!

About your Kindle books (library)... You don't actually "transfer" anything. Once you purchase a book on Amazon, it is in the Archives forever... You just need to install the Amazon software for whatever (iPad app, app for your pc, etc), then from that app, you can visit the archives in your Kindle library on Amazon and re download any books you want.

Now any books you got from places other than amazon are to be treated like files, and a lot there has to do with what kinds of files they are. If they are .mobi files, your Kindle software will open them ... so you can email your favorite books to yourself, then open that attachment on your iPad and it will ask if you want to open that file with your Kindle software app. Once you have opened the book, you can then delete the email. The book will be officially on your iPad.

Non Amazon book files can be opened and stored on your computer too... but you will need to either have the Kindle reader installed (in which case the only books you will be able to open will be .mobi files), or you can install the free mobipocket reader. That will give you quite a few more options for your non Amazon book files.

Hope this helps ... Let me know :)