Thursday, October 06, 2011

The New Kindles

If you already have or have recently purchased a brand new Kindle (usually referred to as the K3, or Kindle 3), fear not. It is taking a place of honor in the lineup of new Amazon Kindle offerings, next to the a new "starter" Kindle with basic buttons, the Kindle Touch, and the Kindle Fire. The Kindle you have is now going to be called Kindle Keyboard and will be a favorite of readers for a long time to come. I'm really glad they didn't retire it.

I'm looking forward to the new Kindle Fire and being able to (with my home wifi network) watch some of those Amazon Prime movies and TV series on a hand held device. It is going to be very nice, considering the iPad and iPhone still doesn't do Flash, but this device will. I'm looking forward to that debate in the near future when this little jewel rolls out. I sure hope the folks at Apple end up reconsidering in the end. I love my iPad, but I'm thinking I'm going to love the new Kindle Fire too... maybe more? I'll let you know.