Monday, May 23, 2011

Kindle Skills - Adding to Collections

A quick way to add multiple books to a Collection

  • From the Home screen, right click (with the 5-way) or move the switch to the right on any collection.
  • One of the choices you will see is Add/Remove Items. Choose it by navigating down until it is underlined, then press in on the center button.
  • You will see a complete list of all the books you have on your Kindle, minus any collections they may be in. It is possible to have the same book in several different collections.
  • Use the 5-way to navigate down and up and the page buttons on your Kindle to navigate from page to page of books.
  • When you have a bok selected (underlined) you want to put into the collection you have selected, press in on the 5-way to add it to that collection.
  • If a book is already in that particular collection, you will instead have the option to remove the book. You don't need to worry about putting it into the same collection twice.
  • Press the Home button at any time to return to the Home screen and choose another collection.
Happy Organizing!

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