Sunday, May 29, 2011

Free on Amazon Today

Note: If you are reading this on your Kindle and want to get a book from the Kindle store now, type the title with your Kindle, then press the right hand button in the 5-way area or (if you have a Kindle 2) toggle your 5-way switch to the right until the word store is highlighted. Press in on it to search. When the title comes up, use the 5-way toggle switch to move around the book info area to read more about the book. Make sure it is still free (or an acceptable price) before finally pressing in on the 5-way switch to "buy" it. You can always press the back button (before you press buy) if you change your mind.

And remember... what is FREE today may not be FREE tomorrow, so get it while you can!

Stingray Bit My Nipple!: True Stories from Real Travelers
By: Erik Torkells (Andrews McMeel Publishing)
Available for free in: Latin Am. & Caribbean*, United States, Africa*, Asia & Pacific, Middle East*, India, Australia

The Night Walk Men
By: Jas on McIntyre
Available for free in: Africa*, Australia, Middle East*, Asia & Pacific, India, Latin Am. & Caribbean*, United States, United Kingdom, Canada

What the Dead Fear
By: Lea Ryan
Available for free in: Canada, Middle East*, United States, Africa*, Asia & Pacific, Australia, India, Latin Am. & Caribbean*

I'm Getting Too Young For This!
By: Steve Games
Available for free in: India, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Middle East*, United States, Africa*, Latin Am. & Caribbean*