Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ask Mrs. Wizard - Calibre Updates

Good Afternoon Cindy,
I trust you had a wonderful Mother's Day along with Teacher Appreciation Week. You are a fantastic teacher and we are grateful for you assistance.
Here is my latest question: I started using Calibre system in October and they have had several updates since then. Once you upgrade Calibre system should I delete the previous Calibre listings or just leave all Calibre listings alone?
Calibre is fantastic and I have over 600 books on my Kindle now and have only purchased 12. Thanks Mrs. Wizard!!
Thanks for your help!
Thank you for your very kind words Rhonda. I am so glad you are enjoying Calibre too!
Just leave the listings alone and update the software whenever it offers. I haven't had any trouble with mine at all (knock wood)... and it never even occurred to me to get rid of the original listings... I don't think you can even do that without deleting the source files... and you sure don't want to do that.

Your numbers are very similar to mine! Ain't the Kindle GREAT!

Warmest Regards,

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