Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Future Kindle?

What will the next generation Kindle look like? I'm reading all sorts of predictions, mostly about an Amazon tablet in the works.

If Amazon can:

  • Keep it close to the cost of the Kindle today
  • Give it WiFi ability (maybe even Whispernet?) It needs to be able to do double duty as a tablet computer, so the Internet and apps are important.
  • Flash capabilities
  • Give it a nice color screen (e-ink would be nice, but color is nicer)
  • Give it a Kindle app that is slick and trouble free
I'll be lining up with the rest.

If it does flash... It's an iPad killer. My daughter will love giving mine a new home. If anyone can do it, Amazon can.

There is talk about the Kindle being able to handle additional formats, like ePub. Isn't that the format libraries use? If that happens, it will open the door to a whole new level of reader.

It is an exciting time we are living in. I'm really happy to see more and more people reading (or at least admitting to reading). It's nice to know more and more people are "discovering" the classics while poking around in the free offerings on Amazon and other places like

I used to live in libraries when I was a kid... Wore out lots of shoes and bicycle tires going back and forth. Now I carry an entire library of my precious books in my pocketbook... On my Kindle... And on my iPad.