Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kindle Skills - Bookmarks

September 16, 2010 Cindy O'Neal
Using, Viewing and Removing:
Bookmarks are great when you want to mark a page or passage on a page so you can revisit it any time you want. They are actually pretty easy to place and view with your Kindle. Bookmarks can be created on regular Kindle books as well as pdf books.

Bookmark a page:
  • While on the page you want to bookmark, press the Menu button
  • Move the 5 way controller down until the words Add a Bookmark is underlined (selected)
  • Press the center of the 5-way controller to select
  • You will see a little dog-ear in the upper right corner of the page to indicate the page is now bookmarked
Keyboard command to bookmark a page:
While holding down the Alt key, press the letter B. You will see the dog ear at the top right of the page if you are successful. The same keyboard command will remove the bookmark.

Another way:
Move the 5 way up or down so you see a blinking cursor (this is cursor mode). Then press in on the 5-way twice (sounds like a double click, doesn't it?) to place the bookmark.

Viewing Your Bookmarks:
See your bookmarks any time (when a book you have bookmarks in is opened) by pressing the Menu button, then select View My Notes & Marks. Bookmarks are listed in the order in which they occur in the book. Each bookmark will show a location number and the first line of text for the bookmarked location.

Use the 5-way switch to navigate to the bookmark you want to go to. Press in when the one you want is underlined (selected).

Removing a Bookmark:

  • You must be on the bookmarked page.
  • Press the Menu button
  • Move the 5-way switch down to the words Delete Bookmark.
  • Press in on the 5-way to make it happen.
Keyboard command:
Make sure you are on the bookmarked page. While holding down the Alt key, press the letter B.
Remove several bookmarks at a time:
  • From the Home screen on your Kindle, press the Menu button.
  • Toggle the 5-way down until the words View My Notes & Marks is underlined (selected).
  • Press in on the 5-way to select.
  • Use the 5-way to navigate (underline) to each bookmark you want to remove.
  • When each bookmark you want to remove is underlined, press the Delete (Del) key.
  • Do this for each one until you have all you want to remove removed.
  • When finished, press the Back button. (You have to love that Back button!)