Monday, September 06, 2010

Kindle DX - The Tabletstand

September 6, 2010 Cindy O'Neal
I love my Kindle, actually all of them, from the very first Kindle (K1) to the latest and greatest. The Kindle DX is a special tool. While it is considerably larger than the regular Kindles, it has its place as a great tool for reference books, specifically pdf files. It "does pdf" in a great way, and most of the time you will find my Kindle DX propped to the left of my computer (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, CSS .. all kinds of computer related pdf reference books), or propped on a kitchen counter (recipes). I use it a lot.

Even when I'm not using it, I just like looking at it. With its special leather cover, it needs to be displayed as the beauty it is.

NO More Propping:
Yesterday I received the neatest accessory for the Kindle I have seen in a while. It arrived in a plain padded envelope, and when opened I saw just two simple pieces of acrylic. There were no instructions to speak of, but putting it together was instantly intuitive and quite easy. It's a TabletStand for the Kindle (works for the iPad too), and I love it!

The TabletStand is very light and portable, it can come apart easily and can be stored flat. It will fit in any bag or case, so it will travel well with your Kindle. You will want it handy at all times.

Your Kindle will have a permanent perch now, sitting proudly on the TabletStand, with or without a cover or case. The TabletStand tilts the Kindle back just enough for comfortable hands-free reading, and just high enough so if you have it on your desk, you can continue reading while it is charging. The charging cable has plenty of room to connect to the Kindle in the stand without you needing to remove it and lay it flat.

When you aren't using your Kindle, proudly display it! Another thing I gratefully noticed was the perfect balance this simple looking (but ingenious) device has. With the leather cover, a little extra weight (well... a lot) is added. When testing the TabletStand, it stood firm and steady whether the cover was open or closed on the Kindle DX.

I hope they will also produce and sell a smaller version for the newer Kindle. This is just a little too wide for the K3 in a portrait position. The Kindle 2 would be a little more comfortable on a smaller version too.

You can read more and purchase the TabletStand at It is made by ArtFixtures and is available in matte black or clear frosted. It will easily support any tablet device with a minimum height or width of 6 inches. Do check it out!