Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kindle Skills - View Articles

This is such a nice way to revisit your favorite blogs.
View Article List: If you like to subscribe to blogs on your Kindle, you may have noticed when you open one to read, of course the most recent article is the first thing you see. Look at the bottom of the screen on that first page, or any page in the blog, and you will notice the words View Article List. 

Notice also it is highlighted. When you see anything highlighted on any Kindle page, it means pressing in on the Enter key will do something to, for, or with whatever is highlighted. The Enter key, for all intents and purposes on your Kindle is the main toggle switch. On the K2, you wiggle it up, down, left or right and press in on it to make things happen. On the K3, it is the button on the inside of the little square where the up, down, left, and right buttons are.

Back to the Article List: Press in on the Enter key when you see the words Article List highlighted, and you will see the latest 25 articles listed, along with the first few lines of text in the article. Use your toggle or the up/down buttons to navigate to an article you might want to peruse a bit more, then when it is underlined (highlighted) press in on the Enter key to read it.

Toggle Right: Toggle your switch to the right, or press the button to the right of the "Enter" key if you are using a K3 to go quickly to the next article, or back to the previous article.

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If only Life could be this easy!