Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Questions from Readers

Ask Mrs. Wizard:
Please send me a personal email ( if you have any questions. I answer all my emails and am more than happy to help any time I can. Your questions mean a lot to me, and may even inspire an article that will help others and make this a more valuable resource to anyone who reads it. 

Here are a couple of great ones: 
Copy and paste in Kindle for PC: from Jose

Q: Is it possible to copy and paste the highlighted text to a Word document?
If so how?
A: Thanks for the question Jose. I just tried it out myself and guess what? It isn't happening! It looks as though you can highlight text but cannot copy it to the clipboard to paste into something like a Word document. When I right clicked on the highlighted text, the choices I saw were Highlight, Highlight and add note and Search.

If it will make you feel better, it isn't happening on the Kindle for Mac software either.

The only way you are going to get text from a Kindle for PC (or Mac) book to a word processing document is to retype it.

I'm sure it is a copyright thing, but I sure don't like it any more than you probably do.

Here's a thought... If it is just a paragraph or two, you can do a screen print of it (a graphic snapshot) and paste that into your word processing document. It will just be an image, but at least you will be able to see it.

Typing Numbers with the K3: from Richard
Q: I'm trying to register my new Kindle. My email address is a combination of letters and numbers - I think I have the numbers figured out: push the alt key and then the top row of letters... But I can't figure out how to get the @ or a period or comma, etc.

I'm usually intuitive, but not this time! Maybe you can help?
A: No problem Richard...
Use the Sym key (right of the period key) for the @ and the numbers too on the K3... till you get used to the Alt key and where the numbers are hiding on that top row. The Sym key does double duty on the K3.

If you are typing something, and hit the Sym key, you can then use the left, right, up and down buttons (on the K3) to navigate to the number you want. When the number is highlighted (or the symbol), press in on the center button to make it happen.

I have daze like this myself!

From Richard:  Well finally! Thanks, I got registered and have bought my first book - I'm sure Amazon is grateful.

From Me: Thank YOU Richard!