Thursday, November 03, 2011

Kindle Skills - Waiting Patiently

Sure... and if you think I am really waiting patiently for that new Kindle Fire to arrive (I pre ordered it probably on day 1), I have a bridge I would like to discuss selling.

Honestly, everything I do lately that involves my Kindle DX has me wondering how different it is going to be on the new one. I wish I could also purchase the new Kindle touch, but I can't have them all. I'll have to write about that one from what I read from others. I won't let you down, no matter what Kindle you end up with.

All of this Calibre stuff lately is going to be useful even if you get a new Kindle. Calibre is a great tool to have, and you will enjoy using it to organize your Kindle books, whether you purchased them from Amazon or got them free from other places on the Internet. There is a reason I am spending so much time with this little FREE jewel...

Over the next few days I will be introducing you to RSS Feeds, and how you can find your favorites, then command Calibre to email them to your Kindle (for a small cost), or send them straight to your Kindle when it is connected with the USB cable.

Stay Tuned...