Monday, November 07, 2011

Kindle News - Is is just me?

Many of us Kindle lovers have been speculating for months now about the next generation of Kindles. Now they are here (or about to be here), the words iPad killer keeps coming to mind, at least over here. I can't help comparing the new Kindle Fire to my iPad, and the love/hate relationship I have had with it since I first opened the box.
  • Flash (or lack thereof)... The new Kindle Fire is not going to have an issue with that at all. In fact, the Amazon Prime movies and TV series, you know... the ones we can get for free because we have an Amazon Prime account? Those movies won't play on the iPad, or iPhone, or anything other than a regular computer. It is going to be nice to have something in my hand that will access them seamlessly.
  • Reading in the dark... Now that is one thing I have really enjoyed with the iPad and my iPhone. For some reason, these old eyes aren't really interested in reading on the beach. I like to curl up in a nice big chair with the news going on in the background (just in case something happens when I'm reading something hot and steamy). I like that nice bright screen, and it can be adjusted for various lighting situations. I am looking forward to the new Kindle Fire reading experience.
  • Apps... I'm really looking forward to experimenting with Android apps from the Amazon store. I have been happily using apps on my iPhone and iPad for the last couple of years and have found myself saying, "There's got to be an app for that!" more often that I would have imagined. If this is going to be a first for you, you will love it! Unfortunately, the only experience I have been able to have with Android stuff has been my husband's cell phone. He's still a huge pc fan and thinks it's great, but I haven't had it in my hands long enough to get anything but anxiety from trying to help him figure things out. I know Android machines have got to be friendlier than that ugly brick he has. Uhhh... don't tell him I said ugly things about his phone....
  • The size... The new Kindle Fire looks to be considerably smaller than the iPad. I'm looking forward to comparing that in person.
Stay tuned...