Saturday, November 05, 2011

Kindle Skills - Lending Library

I hope you have had a chance to investigate a little further on Amazon... and are as excited as I am about one more way to read good stuff for free.

Here's how it works... Looks as though you can do it from your Kindle easily. When go to purchase a book, if it is available to borrow, you will see the option under the Buy button. Choose that button instead.

Click the Borrow for Free button to borrow the title.
The book currently being borrowed can be read on multiple Kindle devices, as long as they are registered to the same eligible account, but cannot be read on Kindle reading apps. 
One book can be borrowed at a time, and there are no due dates.  You can borrow a new book as frequently as once a month, directly on your registered Kindle device, and you will be prompted to return the book that you are currently borrowing. 
If you have already borrowed a book in that calendar month, you are not yet eligible to borrow a new book until the next calendar month.  There is no “roll-over” or accrual of unused borrowing eligibility.


  • Limited to 1 free ebook a month
  • Only available for Kindles (sorry iPod/iPad and various other Kindle apps for the pc and mac). I'm not sure how this is going to work on my older Kindles and my Kindle DX. 
  • Exclusively for Amazon Prime members 
Amazon Prime membership costs $79 a year. 12 free Kindle books a year certainly takes care of that cost. And when you add access to all those free movies and tv shows with your Amazon Prime account... kind of makes my heart flutter! 

Stay tuned...