Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More on e-books and bookstores...

Hi Cindy,
I have just been reading your bit about ‘Kindle and e-books  putting the bookstores out of business’. Thanks for that; it gives me a better conscience!!! I love books too and feel a bit ‘unfaithful’, using a Kindle. Like having a mistress!
Actually, I went over to Kindle for two reasons.
1/ I just don’t have any more room for my books; my library must count some 2000 volumes already.
2/ At my present age of about 70, I’ve decided I must reread my English classics. But that would be difficult for the above reason – and would be financially impossible for me, whereas Amazon offers these for FREE in Kindle editions.

But what I wanted to add to your blog entry concerns combining reading with exercise. To quote you: I also love to listen to audio books when I'm walking. It makes staying as healthy as possible for as long as possible much more palatable.

Well, here’s how I tackle the problem, especially for rainy days:
Like many people , I have an exercise bicycle which I never use because I find it ridiculous and boring, just pedalling and pedalling and getting absolutely nowhere. AND THEN I had this brilliant idea of building a wee box to stick between the handlebars, on which to rest my Kindle!!! (It doesn’t really work for books because they have to be held open and keep falling off and it takes time to turn the pages and so forth.) AND on my Kindle I can, if needs be, increase the size of the characters if it’s a bit too far for easy reading!

So, to quote you, dear Cindy: At any given moment in time I can be transported to worlds and feelings I would never be able to experience in "real" life. And I can do it just by sitting and pedaling!
Basically, instead of being bored for, say, 15 minutes, I can set myself, what, three chapters – and then of course I want to find out what happens in the next chapter, and all that without the hassle of putting on boots and mackintosh and trying to manage my Kindle under an umbrella! This morning I chased some terrorists across half the Sahara desert before my wife called me in for lunch. A thrilling bike-ride!

Thought that might interest you; I can send a photo of my contraption if you want.
Love from Tim.

--‘Bike 1’,  the bike without the book rest, showing the computer thingy in the middle. I think most training bikes are more or less like this.
--‘with Kindle’,  where you can see the Kindle on the upside-down box.
My box is made of plywood,  about 8 x 8 inches square, measured to fit snugly around the computer unit.

"device" with Kindle
This unit is tilted to enable you to read it whilst pedalling, so it’s about the right angle for reading.
I made mine about 3 inches deep, so it won’t slip off the computer unit. And as you can see, there is a small raised ledge on the lower side of the box,  so the Kindle won’t slip off the box.
Tim... Thanks so much for your views. Our daughter uses her Kindle with her treadmill. It is very nice (she says). 

And... Thank you for the photos of your "contraption" I love it! It is amazing what humans can come up with when they want something to happen.

Thanks again,

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