Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ask Mrs. Wizard - The Bibliophile

Bibliophile : a lover of books especially for qualities of format; also : a book collector
Hello Mrs. Wizard –

I am the happy owner of a new Kindle!  (I just got it today as a gift – the 3G with WiFi!)  I am an unrepentant bibliophile, so this is a Godsend.

Here’s my question, if you can help I would be very grateful.  I will be mostly downloading public domain books.  I was looking at the selection at Many Books, and wondered if I could categorize the titles on my Kindle by genre as well.  For example, can I have a Mystery file and Science Fiction file, etc, or must all titles just be listed on the Titles Page?  If you have any insight on this, I would be very grateful!


Omygod! Another bibliophile! You will LOVE your Kindle, and it won't be long before you find yourself wondering what you ever did without one. It is like being able to keep all your best friends (thousands and thousands) close at all times.... wonderful device!

You want to create Collections on your Kindle. Think of them as folders (sort of) and you can organize your books any way you want.Collections aren't just for books you purchase on Amazon. They are for any books the Kindle can display for you, and that includes any you get on Amazon for free, as well as public domain books you acquire elsewhere. is a wonderful place to find well formatted books to add to your collection on your Kindle.

To create your first Collection on your Kindle, turn it on and make sure the Home screen is displayed.
  • Press the Menu button 
  • Use the 5-way to move down to the words Create New Collection
  • Press in on the center 5-way button to select it
  • A new box you can type in will appear at the bottom of your screen
  • type in the name for your collection
  • Move the 5-way down to the word save so it is highlighted
  • Press in on the 5-way to make it happen
To add a book to your collection:
  • Right click (with the 5-way button to the right) on your book title from the Home screen
  • One of your choices will be Add to Collection
  • Press in on the 5 way to select it
  • You will then see your Home screen
  • Navigate to your new collection name so it is underlined
  • When the collection name you want is underlined, you will see the words add to this collection
  • press in on the 5 way to make it happen
  • Be sure to press the Home key to return to your list of books
  • Start the process over to add another book
Warmest Regards and I hope you enjoy your new Kindle!
Many, many thanks!

You know, when I moved from one house to another, I had to give away 1800 books.  (Yes, 1800!)  That barely made a dent.  Now I have a house full of books and a Kindle.  I’m so delighted.  I know this sounds ridiculous, but being able to carry a copy of everything and anything from Sax Rohmer to Oscar Wilde with me at all times is very moving.

Many thanks,

Trust me... I know EXACTLY how you feel!

If it weren't for my bibliophilia, I would probably be perfect :)