Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ask Mrs. Wizard - More on Collections

Very special thanks to Bob for this question...

Hello Cindy –
I do have one more question – I may be a doofus, but maybe not!

I went to Many Books, which separates things by genre.  So I downloaded a lot of books, putting them in different folders on my PC (e.g., Mystery, Art, Biography, etc.).  Then, I went to my Kindle and made Collections with the same names (Mystery, Art, Biography, etc.).

Now is there a way using my USB cable to transfer from my PC into my Kindle …. In the correct Collections folders?  Or don I have to just transfer them to the Kindle, and them move them to the collections folder one at a time?

Many thanks!

Sounds like you have a great collection of books started... and it sounds like you set your collections up just fine on your Kindle.
You are NOT going to want to hear this but...

You can copy all your book files straight to your Kindle Documents folder via the usb connection.
Each book though, will have to be put into its collection one book at a time with the Kindle. I'm sure Kindle customer service has heard a lot on this subject ... What do you want to bet some future update will address it? Not yet unfortunately.

Until then... one book at a time darlin'

Warmest Regards,

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