Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ask Mrs. Wizard - New Kindle

Just bought mine today. Loads of fun, think I can manage most basic tasks by day one! the heck to you get the screen to lighten for night reading? Thought I could finally do away with the little clip on book light when I read in bed!

Also, using the Kindle app on my Android; anyway to sync those to my Kindle since I already paid for them?

Thanks for the help!

Debbie you are going to LOVE your new Kindle! Congratulations! And thank you for your question...

E-ink technology is what makes your Kindle screen very similar to a real book. It is very easy on the eyes for long periods of time, but you can't make it brighter and will need a book light if you want to read it at night... just like with a regular book. If I were you, I would use the Android to read on at night... like in bed and stuff. I read on my iPhone like that myself. It is very discreet and I don't have to worry about disturbing my snoring spouse (and he CAN snore!). It is great background noise when I am reading something hot and steamy. hehehe

As to syncing your Android Kindle app? Your Kindle app is tied to your Amazon account. You need to (from within the app) visit the archives on Amazon and you will find all the books you have purchased will be there. You can even read the same book on your Android (or PC, or Mac Kindle apps) and your Kindle, and whichever you are using at the time will automatically place itself at the most current page you last read, so you will never lose your place.

Hope this helps.
Warmest Regards,
You are amazing! Thank you!


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