Monday, July 04, 2011

Kindle Skills - Let Your Kindle Read To You

I just received the sweetest phone call from a dear friend of our daughter. This girl is like our own too and we love her dearly.

Sonya is on a beach in sunny southern California reading her Kindle. She is on her tummy and her backside is getting a little fried. She called to tell me she wanted to turn over and cook the other side and didn't I say her Kindle could "read" to her? This way she can turn over and listen to the book instead of having to hold it up and continue reading while on her back. You know how heavy those Kindles can get when you are lying on your back on a beach in California (hehehe).

What you need to do when you want your Kindle to read to you is this:
  • Make sure the book is open and on the page you are reading.
  • Press the Aa key to open the text options. (one of those options is text to speech)
  • If Text to Speech is available, it will be black. You can press the 5-way down until it is underlined.
  • Press in on the 5 way to turn on Text to Speech.
  • Plug in a nice set of ear buds into the headphone jack on the Kindle
  • Listen till your front is properly fried.
You can select a female or male speaking voice.
You can select the speech rate (slower, default, faster)

California on the beach... I'm so jealous!
And of course... shameless promotion below.
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