Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kindle Skills - Text to Speech

August 21, 2010 Cindy O'Neal

Your Kindle can read to you in most instances, including books you acquire from other places (like Before you purchase a book from Amazon, check the book description area located under the book price. Text-to-speech enabled books are marked with the words Text-to-Speech.

Keyboard Quickies:
  • Alt+Aa: start/stop text-to-speech. A menu will appear and you can choose if you want a female or male voice.
  • Shift+SYM: start/stop text-to-speech. There is a short delay before it actually starts. Pages are turned automatically as long as your Kindle is reading to you.
  • To start text-to-speech at a particular point on the page, move the cursor with your 5-way switch to the point where you want your Kindle to begin reading to you. Then while holding down the Shift key, press the SYM key.
  • Spacebar: press it any time to pause or resume your Kindle reading. 
EXTRA: Adjust the speed of your reading with the Alt+Aa combination of keys... Then when you have it pretty much the way you want, turn the volume down on your Kindle (all the way) and prop your Kindle for some serious hands free reading.