Monday, August 09, 2010

Kindle Skills - Calibre - Installing

August 9, 2010 Cindy O'Neal

Download the latest version of Calibre from

Mac Install: If you are using a Mac, you will see the Mac version available for you in the download area. Click where it indicates OS X. You will be taken to another page where it is pretty clear Calibre will only work on OS X Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard.

Click the link that says OS X universal dmg to begin the download process. I like to save things I download on my Desktop so they are easy to find when I am ready to install. This file will be 65.3 Mb, pretty hefty, so you need to have a nice fast online connection.

To install, double click the file you downloaded. The file will "unpack" and you should see another small window appear with a Calibre icon named At the top left of your main screen, you should see the word Finder. Click any empty area if you don't see it (to make it appear).

Look for the word Go to the right of the word Finder. Click Go, then move your mouse pointer down and click the word Applications. This will open another special window with all your applications listed.

Left click (and hold) and drag the file named into your Applications folder. This is all you need to do to install it. If you have an older version, it wil be replaced by the newer one. To open Calibre, click the application file from your applications folder. Once it is open, you can choose to keep the icon in your dock for easy access if you prefer. If you are updating from an older version, the new version will simply replace the older one. There is no need to remove the older version.

Once installed: DELETE the original download file, as well as the application "disk" file that remain on your desktop. There is no need to keep either.

PC Install: Download the latest version. Be sure to save the download file to your Desktop so it will be easy to find and remove when you are finished with it.

The Windows installer file name will be calibre-0.7.13.msi. The version numbers in the file name will change with newer versions of the file. The file will be 30.1 Mb.

Double click the installation file to begin the install process. If you see a security warning window appear, click where it says run and give permission. This is a safe file.

A setup dialog will appear. Click Next to continue installation process. Make sure you check in the I accept the terms in the License Agreement box in order to continue. Then click the Install button below. It should all be very straightforward. Be sure to give permissions when needed if you have Vista or Windows 7. If you are updating from an older version, the new version will simply replace the older one. There is no need to remove the older version.

When installation is complete, you should see Calibre open and running on your screen, as well as a new shortcut for the program on your Desktop.

Be sure to remove the installation file when finished. You won't need it any more. I usually remove the shortcuts from my Desktop too... If you have a lot of software installed, they tend to clutter the Desktop after a while. Use the Start button and All Programs to start your programs instead. It can make for a much neater main screen (Desktop).