Sunday, August 01, 2010

About the New Kindle

August 1, 2010 Cindy O'Neal

A few tidbits:

USB connector is a Mini-B - same as on the Kindle 2 (Thank GOD). So if you have both, the USB cables will be interchangeable.... That means you can lose one and still be oTay!

WiFi capable - This means you will be able to automatically connect to your home wireless network with your Kindle. If you don't have a home wireless network, your wireless capabilities will kick in if you travel... hotels, BigMac Land, lots of places offer free wifi. Why is this good? If you can switch to wifi when available, the connection is much faster than the 3G. The 3G service is great ... but still a little clunky. It is nice to have both in the same device because more than likely, if you can't use one, the other should be available.

Size: The new kid on the block is noticeably smaller than the Kindle 2. This means Oberon Design is going to get a few more $$ from me as soon as I decide to get this new model. I love what their covers do for my Kindles... takes me to a different time and place. You will understand if you ever add an Oberon cover to your Kindle.

No number row: Instead of using the Alt key to access a double duty row of keys for the numbers, you will use the SYM key to select numbers in addition to punctuation and symbols. Press the SYM key again to dismiss the menu.

Capacity: About 4Gb (only 3 GB is available to the user though). Trust me... You can get a LOT of books in 4 gig of space, not to mention audible audio books, music files... ohmygod!

Even though the size is smaller, the display size (and that is what counts) is the same 6".

Microphone? According to the latest user guide, there is one built in, but not enabled... but provided for future use. Now what could they have in mind? It's going to be fun finding out!