Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Kindle Skills - Series Books

August 3, 2010 Cindy O'Neal
Series Books At Your Fingertips
Why most series books don't have the series position in the title (easily visible on your Kindle Home page) I will never understand. When I find a great book and discover it is part of a series, naturally I want to read them all... in order of course. It isn't hard to find the correct order. Google is a great resource for information like that. It may be a wiki article, or the author's website, but the information is out there.

My daughter (Kelly) and I took advantage of the last two Melody Carlson freebies, and quickly realized they were only the first two in a series. Mixed Bags and Stealing Bradford are still free as of this writing if you haven't already picked them up. Just do a search with your Kindle for the titles, and if they are still free or you approve of the price, "purchase" them and they will be delivered to you immediately.

At any rate, once I found the correct order for the remaining books, remembering which was which was a bugger. Here's what I did to fix that... and any little similar dilemmas in the future. I created a simple text file, with the series books listed and numbered in order. There are several other series I have in my "to be read" list, so this little text file will really come in handy. I now have that text file on my Kindle, listed on the home screen as a "book" titled Series Books. And that fixed that!

You can do this too if you like. Create a simple text file. If you use a word processor, be sure to save your file as a text (.txt) file. Put that file in the Documents folder on your Kindle. If you are using the Collections feature, you can move that "book" to any collection on your Kindle. I have one named "mine" to indicate personal files.